OJEN Challenge for Justice Professionals

Are you a lawyer, judge, justice of the peace, paralegal, law student, court staff, law librarian....

We want you to:

CELEBRATE by telling 10 friends about OJEN

Perhaps a colleague, student in your office or friend has not heard about OJEN.  Perhaps you have been quietly volunteering with OJEN and your firm, employer or pro bono committee does not know amount your efforts.  You may know a law or civics teacher, a law student or a paralegal at the beginning of their career.  OJEN projects run around the province in communities and schools, in English and French, on all legal topics.  Help us spread the word to ensure that justice education is available across Ontario.


PARTICIPATE by contributing 10 hours of volunteer time

If you haven't volunteered with OJEN before you can sign up here.  If you have, but you want to update your contact information, availability or volunteer preferences, you can enter your information into the online volunteer form (don't worry - it will match to your email address and update your information).


BUILD by donating $10 per month

Fiscal constraints are impacting OJEN, just like everyone else these days.  Not only has OJEN's funding been decreased, but schools and community partners are asking for more projects as they lose the social workers, extra teachers or other staff that were supporting youth.  As a charity, we depend on donations and grants for all of our operations.  You can use the secure online donation button below to make a donation by credit card or debit card or you can send OJEN a cheque.  All donations from individual, over $10, are eligible for a charitable tax receipt.  To give you an idea:

One 6-week mock trial program in a social housing complex - $800

One professional Development session for classroom teachers - $500

One visit to a fly-in northern community to connect with students and community members - $1500

One project inviting Newcomers to Canada to visit a courthouse and learn about the Canadian justice system - $250

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!


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