OJEN Challenge for Youth

Have you been part of an OJEN project?  Maybe you did an OJEN mock trial or other project in your classroom.  If so, we want to hear from you!

CELEBRATE –Tell us about the impact an OJEN project has had on you.  Share your photos

Post your story or photos about your OJEN project on our Facebook page.  Tell us if you learned something new, if you see yourself working in the justice system or if your OJEN experience made an impact in a different way.


PARTICIPATE -Sign up for an OJEN Active Citizens Project – make a plan to improve your community

Youth are changing our communities, our province and our world.  We challenge you to become an Active Citizen and make a difference, and we have made it easy for you.  Commit to doing a project in your community!  If you sign-up with OJEN and follow the reporting steps, these projects can meet your volunteer requirements for graduation too.


BUILD - Like us on Facebook.

Follow the links to 'like' us on Facebook and to let your friends know that they can share their mock trial photos and OJEN experiences with youth around the province.

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