OJEN Structure

OJEN’s corporate structure is comprised of four components – the Network, the Board, the Standing Committee, and Staff.

The Ontario Justice Education Network Board

The Board of the Ontario Justice Education Network reflects links to major areas of current organizational activity and public legal education providers.

Current members are:

  • The Hon. Anne Molloy, Superior Court of Justice  (Co-Chair)
  • Rob Mewhinney, The Ontario History & Social Science Teachers’ Association (Co-Chair)
  • Seanna Callaghan, Member-at-large
  • Paul Evraire, Board Member, Community Legal Education Ontario
  • Karen Gill, Ministry of Education
  • Jan Haskings-Winner, Member at-large
  • Jacqueline Horvat, Bencher, Law Society of Upper Canada
  • Kristian Justeson, Legal Aid Ontario
  • Ari Kaplan, Trustee, Law Foundation of Ontario
  • Beverly Leonard, Ministry of the Attorney General
  • The Hon. Katrina Mulligan, Ontario Court of Justice
  • The Hon. Lois Roberts, Court of Appeal for Ontario

The Network Participants

The OJEN Network is a collaborative forum serving as a communications and facilitation link for justice system participants, educators, community representatives and others with an interest in public legal educational activity. The Network shares information about public education programs and activities, and has an advisory role to OJEN's Board and Executive Director.

Participants include:

  • The Chief Justice of Ontario (Chair)   
  • The Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Justice  
  • The Chief Justice of the Ontario Court of Justice  
  • The Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada  
  • The Deputy Attorney General of Ontario   
  • The Deputy Minister of Education  
  • The Chair of the Law Foundation of Ontario 
  • The Treasurer of the Law Society of Upper Canada  
  • The President of The Advocates’ Society  
  • The President of the County & District Law Presidents’ Association  
  • The President of the Ontario Bar Association  
  • The Ombudsman of Ontario  
  • The Chair of Legal Aid Ontario  
  • The President of the Ontario History & Social Science Teachers’ Association  
  • The Executive Director of Community Legal Education Ontario  
  • The Education Director of the Canadian Civil Liberties Education Trust  
  • The Executive Director of the Association of Community Legal Clinics of Ontario  
  • The Institute for Catholic Education 
  • The President of the Ontario Principals’ Council 
  • Th Executive Director of th Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres  
  • The ESL/ELD Resource Group of Ontario  
  • The Ontario Council of Law Deans  
  • The Executive Director of the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants 
  • The President of the Association od French Speaking Jurists of Ontario 
  • The Ontario Business Eduators' Association  e

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