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OJEN’s Annual Reports

OJEN’s Annual Report 2017

OJEN ’s form of public legal education (PLE) goes beyond explaining rights and responsibilities and how the legal system operates; it includes skill-building and providing opportunities to access legal institutions and interact with justice sector professionals in an informal environment.

We aim to build legal capability in young people, so that they are better able to deal with law-related issues throughout their lives. But our justice education philosophy also recognizes that our programs are opportunities for shared-learning; the justice sector professionals who volunteer their time to share legal knowledge and expertise with the community, are also there to listen and learn about how the public perceives and experiences the justice system.

Strengthening people’s legal capabilities through PLE is one important strategy in furthering access to justice. Encouraging justice sector professionals to learn from the lived experiences of diverse communities who encounter the justice system – is another.

In 2017, we have chosen to profile one initiative from each of our three main areas of program delivery:

  • community-based justice education for youth,
  • school-based justice education for youth,
  • and training and professional development for the adults who work with youth.

These areas of activity, combined with our efforts to promote and support the PLE community in Ontario, form the core of our work.

– Jessica Reekie, Executive Director

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