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OJEN’s Annual Report 2018

Everyone will encounter the legal system at some point in their lives. From signing the rental agreement on your first apartment to disputing a parking ticket or navigating a divorce – it helps if you know how to spot a legal issue, have a basic understanding of how the system operates, know where to find reliable information or help, and feel comfortable engaging with legal institutions and professionals.

OJEN’s public legal education (PLE) initiatives build legal capability in youth by:

  • Focusing on the development of legal life skills (e.g. issue-spotting, communication and advocacy skills, etc.);
  • Sharing information that makes legal processes and concepts easier to understand; and
  • Introducing youth to the people who work within the justice system to encourage greater comfort when engaging with it.

To achieve these outcomes, we engage youth, the adults who work with them and the justice sector professionals who volunteer to help deliver our programs. We partner with schools and community organizations to bring our PLE initiatives to young people. We offer professional development to teachers and youth workers, to support them in building the legal capability of their youth. We train our justice sector volunteers to better prepare them for effective community engagement and PLE delivery. And finally, we promote the value of PLE in working to achieve greater access to justice for all Ontarians.

This year’s annual report profiles three of our core areas of activity and highlights how our PLE programs are tailored to build specific legal life skills, share legal information and encourage interaction with the justice system. We have also dedicated a special focus to our Youth-Police Dialogues, which recently received a three-year funding award from the Ontario Trillium Foundation that will allow us to bring this high impact program to 20+ communities throughout Ontario. Thank you, to all of our stakeholders and supporters for making 2018 a productive and successful year!

– Jessica Reekie, Executive Director

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