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Intern with us

OJEN hosts between 6-12 student interns each year. Student internships are either paid or for course credit (e.g. co-op placements) – we don’t take unpaid interns. We recruit student volunteers for specific OJEN projects throughout the year, but full-time internships must be paid or for course credit.

Most of our student interns come from either a legal or education-related field, but we have hosted students from a wide-range of disciplines, including media studies, social work, political science, business administration, etc.

Summer Internships

We take on a limited number of students throughout the academic year in both our Toronto and Ottawa offices, but this number tends to increase during the summer. During the summer months, student interns work with OJEN staff in both of our Toronto and Ottawa offices and remotely in cities like Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Kingston, and Hamilton. When students work remotely, we typically provide workspace in courthouses or post-secondary institutions in these cities.

Internship applications are considered three times a year:

  • In July (for school year and fall/winter term internship placements)
  • In November (for winter/spring term internship placements)
  • In March (for summer internship placements)

Paid students internships are funding-dependent. OJEN typically receives funding from Service Canada each summer for 2-6 student internship positions in different cities throughout Ontario for approximately 8 weeks of work (30 hours/week). We have also supported student-initiated funding applications available through educational institutions.

If you are interested in interning with OJEN, please contact us at

  • Send us an email with your resume and a cover letter explaining why you want to intern with OJEN and when you wish to start.
  • If you are pursuing course credit for your internship, please provide us with the application materials from your educational institutions.
  • If you have identified potential funding opportunities for a paid placement, please let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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