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Halime Celik 2018

Halime Celik was introduced to OJEN in 2010 when, as a high school student, she attended Trailblazers: Meeting Women in Law program, a full day event for high school girls interested in exploring law as a career option. 

In 2016, as a law student at the University of Ottawa, she returned to OJEN to complete a part-time internship in our office from May to July 2016. During this placement, she conducted a comprehensive review of court house contacts for OJEN’s Courtrooms and Classrooms program.  She also assisted with a number of Outreach initiatives. 

Halime continued to volunteer after she had completed the requirements for her course-credit internship. She assisted with the planning and coordination of the Summer Law Institute, a two day professional development conference for teachers.  She also co-emceed the event. 

Returning to university for the 2016-17 school year, she worked with OJEN staff to co-ordinate a Persons Day event for Ottawa high school students in partnership with the Department of Justice (DOJ). 

During her time at OJEN, Halime assisted with the formation and implementation of a new OJEN Outreach Program – The Legal Leaders Program for Newcomer Youth, designed for newcomer or first generation Canadian youth.  

Halime graduated from law school this summer and we wish her great success as she begins her career in law!

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