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If you’re a lawyer or law student, you can volunteer to coach a team or act as a judge at a mock trial event. Anyone can volunteer to help in other ways, for example assisting to organize a mock trial event. You can see the dates of each local tournament by clicking on the “Regions” tab above.

If you’re interesting in volunteering, please fill out this online form:

There are a few ways to volunteer:

Mock Trial Team Coach

Meet with a team of students at their school a minimum of four times for about an hour before the tournament to help them prepare and refine their case. You’ll schedule these sessions with the teacher. Sessions usually take place after school (3pm onwards). Before you’re paired with a team, we’ll make sure you can make their preferred meeting times. If you want to coach, you’ll need to be available to meet at least some of the time no later than 4pm (i.e., if you can never get off work before 5pm, coaching won’t work for you).

Mock Trial Judge

You play judge, presiding over the courtroom and scoring the performances of teams when they compete in the mock trial events. Prior to the event, you will be provided with the case and a judge’s handbook to familiarize yourself with the rules and your role. Usually, you’ll be judging on a panel with one or two other lawyers.

It is not necessary to be a litigator to act as a judge, provided you are comfortable scoring the performances of the students in their courtroom roles. In most cases judges will sit on a panel of three with at least one criminal lawyer or civil litigator on the panel.

Helping Organize

In some areas, we could also use help organizing the event: liaising with courthouse staff, obtaining sponsorship, general logistics, etc.


Any questions may be directed to Chris Ferguson at, 416-761-9963 x265



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