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Pre-tournament tasks

There are a few tasks that teachers need to complete prior to your local tournament. 

Please complete these tasks no later than three weeks before your tournament date:

  1. Submit the names of all your core team members and alternates via an online form. Forms will be made available closer to the tournament dates 
  2. Complete the team roster form and submit it for review to For the tournament, cut your roster form in half to create separate Crown and defence rosters. Come to your tournament with eight copies of each. Cut them before coming to the courthouse – don’t bring scissors to the courthouse!
  3. Have your students complete the media release form. Collect them all, then submit them (instructions on the sheet).

Optional (but highly encouraged!):

  1. Submit your team photo to the OOCMT Photo Challenge! Click here for more information. To be considered, submit your photo at least three days before your tournament date.


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