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Annual Events & Programs

OJEN runs many annual events and programs. OJEN’s annual events and programs give you the chance to connect with other teachers, lawyers, and students who share your interest in law, access to justice, and community-building. To get your class, community group or club involved in something larger, check out the following programs and contact us.

Bursaries for Grade 12 Students Pursuing Studies Toward a Career in Law

Bursaries are available to grade 12 students in Ontario, pursuing post-secondary studies related to the many careers in the justice system at an Ontario University or College. These bursaries have been created to assist students who demonstrate academic excellence and commitment to their studies and who are in financial need. Bursaries are offered in each […]

Charter Challenge

Do you want to deepen your students’ understanding of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Then OJEN’s Charter Challenge is for you! The Charter Challenge is Ontario’s only mock appeal competition for secondary schools. Each semester, OJEN releases a mock judicial decision in which complex Charter issues are raised on appeal. Students all over […]

OBA/OJEN Competitive Mock Trials

The OBA/OJEN Competitive Mock Trials (OOCMT) is a partnership between the Ontario Bar Association (OBA) and the Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN). A network of local mock trial tournaments use the OOCMT case and format for mock trials.

OJEN/LFO Mock Trial Fund

In 2008, OJEN and the Law Foundation of Ontario (LFO) partnered to launch a Mock Trial Fund that provides financial support and other resources to the ever expanding roster of mock trial events across Ontario. The OJEN/LFO Mock Trial Fund aims for an equitable distribution of funds and a simple application process. Grants are based […]

Ontario Conference of Judges Bursary

The Ontario Conference of Judges has allocated funding to create seven new bursaries in Ontario. The Ontario Conference of Judges represents the judges who sit in the Ontario Court of Justice. These judges decide on important matters such as: Criminal Law: In dealing with indictable offences and summary conviction offences, the Ontario Court of Justice […]

Poster Challenge

The Poster Challenge invites grade 5 students to create posters that tell us what they value about the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. At a courthouse near you, staff will choose their favourite posters to send to the OJEN head office, where we will select one that will hang in each regional courthouse for the […]

Sistahs in Law: Paving the Way

Sistahs in Law: Paving the Way is an opportunity for Black, Brown or Aboriginal high school girls to attend the Black Female Lawyers Network’s annual retreat. Over the day, the girls meet black women working in law and explore some of the most pressing equity issues in the justice system today. Stay tuned for more […]

Trailblazers: Meeting Women in Law

Every October, OJEN partners with LEAF and LAWS to run a full-day event that introduces high school girls to women working in law. We start at the LEAF Persons Day Breakfast Gala, including a special private Q&A with the keynote speaker. Then we go to Osgoode Hall to chat with a judge, learn about the […]