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Justice Education Projects

Justice education is based on the idea that law is a part of everyone’s life. Everyone has the right to understand it and to participate in the legal processes that affect them. To do that, they need knowledge about the law, including where to get reliable information and affordable help. But they also need skills – patience, persistence, keeping calm during conflict, and presenting facts or ideas in an orderly way.

The only way to build a skill is to practice!

OJEN’s justice education projects help youth across Ontario learn about the law and develop the skills they need to manage legal issues they will face in life.  When a community group or social agency contacts us, we work with them to choose a project that’s a good fit for their youth. We can recruit a facilitator to run the program or a lawyer, judge, or paralegal to come and provide the legal information. Our projects typically run for 3-6 sessions, which gives youth a chance to learn and improve over time. It also means that they get more time and attention from our volunteers.

Check out the justice education project models below to learn more.

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Legal Leaders Workshops for Newcomer Youth

Newcomers often experience unique legal challenges. Faced with unfamiliar laws and legal processes, and potentially unaware of their legal rights or mechanisms for enforcement, many newcomers also experience language barriers when seeking access to legal help. Newcomer youth often have a special and trusted relationship with their parents and other adult family members. They speak […]

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