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OJEN on the Air

OJEN on the Air invites students to research a legal topic, interview an expert, and record a radio segment or podcast about their topic. Sometimes, we partner with a local radio station to get students into a professional studio, where recording experts can coach them on their work. But even if you don’t have a studio nearby, recording a podcast is easy to do in any quiet room with a computer and a microphone.

To help your students with their research, OJEN invites law students from local universities to help spot the legal issues and connect youth with a legal professional (usually a lawyer, law professor, or a paralegal) who can answer their questions. It’s a great opportunity to build connections with your community’s post-secondary institutions.

In the past, students have created radio segments on issues like freedom of religion, youth drinking, discrimination, search and seizure, downloading and copyright law, mental health, and more.

If you’d like to request OJEN on the Air for your class or community group, contact us via our online form.