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Ontario Conference of Judges Bursary

The Ontario Conference of Judges has allocated funding to create seven new bursaries in Ontario. The Ontario Conference of Judges represents the judges who sit in the Ontario Court of Justice.

These judges decide on important matters such as:

Criminal Law: In dealing with indictable offences and summary conviction offences, the Ontario Court of Justice disposes of more than 98% of all criminal charges laid in the province.

Family Law, (where there is no Unified Family Court) : Child custody and access; child and spousal support; enforcement of support orders;  child protection, and adoption matters.  The majority of family law cases are heard by the judges of the Ontario Court of Justice.

Bail Court: In some jurisdictions, judges conduct bail hearings to determine if persons charged with offences should be released pending trial.

Youth Court: Youth Court judges deal with young people charged with criminal offences under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Mental Health Court: This specialist court deals with charges against people with mental health issues, using innovative strategies and community resources to deal with the challenging issues related to these cases

Gladue Court: (named after a Supreme Court of Canada decision). Some areas have these specialist courts for Aboriginal people facing criminal charges where the judges take into account the unique circumstances of Aboriginal accused .

Drug Treatment Court: This specialist court provides court-supervised treatment for individuals addicted to drugs who have been charged with criminal offences, connecting motivated accused persons to available community resources, to try to minimize the risk of re-offending behaviour.

The Ontario Conference of Judges has allocated funding to create seven new bursaries. These bursaries will provide direct support to students in secondary school who have enrolled in a post-secondary institution and who plan to pursue a career in the justice sector. The Ontario Conference of Judges bursary program will help students make the transition from secondary school to university or college.

Students must demonstrate financial need, but do not have to have applied for a student loan.

One student from each of the seven Ontario Court of Justice regions will be awarded a bursary annually.  See the map of the seven regions below.

DEADLINE: Your Application must be submitted using the online form. Check back in early 2015 for the 2015 deadline.

Click Here to open the Application Form

Additional inquiries can be sent to mail:


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