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Sistahs in Law: Paving the Way

The Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN) is pleased to partner with the Black Female Lawyers Network (BFLN) to offer Sistahs-in -Law: Paving the Way, a day-long educational opportunity for high school aged girls on Monday, November 12, 2018 from 9:00 to 4:00pm held at the historic St. James Cathedral Centre, 65 Church Street, Toronto.

Students will be matched with a Big Sistah, a black woman, currently working in law who will act as their mentor for the day, introducing them to other Sistahs in Law while answering questions and providing support throughout the program. In addition to attending 2 sessions with their Big Sistah, participants will attend an inspirational session specifically designed for the high school aged audience entitled My Journey to a Career in Law, where lawyers from a variety of legal practices will share their experiences with the students and answer their questions about being a black woman in law. The program has been made possible thanks to sponsorship by individual justice sector professionals.

This is a program for high school aged girls; sponsorship is not available for teachers or youth workers although they are welcome to attend by purchasing a ticket through BFLN at a cost of $130.00. OJEN will provide supervision at a ratio of 1:20. Supervisors will accompany students to each event throughout the day. Please note that students are responsible for their own transportation to and from this event and that OJEN is unable to provide transportation subsidies for those wishing to attend. Supervision of youth will begin once students register at the venue and will continue until approximately 4:00pm, at which point students will be responsible for their own transportation home.


OJEN is a non-profit, charitable organization that brings together leading institutions and individuals from the legal and education sectors to collaborate on initiatives designed to foster public understanding of the justice system. With the commitment of hundreds of volunteers, including judges from all levels of the courts, members of the bar, the Crown Attorney’s office, court staff, legal aid clinics, law schools, teachers, and community representatives, OJEN reaches thousands of youth across the province each year.

BLFN is an organization dedicated to providing an opportunity for students and practitioners in the field to convene, share and learn from one another. In 2006, the annual retreat, Sistahs-in-Law, began as an intimate gathering of colleagues and friends has blossomed into a full-day event that has attracted close to two hundred attendees from all over Canada. Proceeds from Sistahs-in-Law go to supporting two very important law school scholarships which recognize the contributions of aboriginal and black law students.

Registration is open! 
You will need to submit a completed permission form (available below) by November 2, 2018. 

Sistahs-in-Law Permission Pages

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