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Twitter Moot

The OJEN Twitter Moot is an online debate. Students from across Ontario participate in the discussion by tweeting their opinions either individually or in teams/classes. The OJEN committee in Hamilton came up with this fun and engaging justice education initiative for Hamilton-area schools. This fall, for the first time, OJEN will run the program for high school students throughout Ontario.

The Twitter Moot offers students a fun opportunity to learn about an important and contentious legal issue. This year, the OJEN Twitter Moot will take place during Ontario’s Access to Justice Week. On October 28th, from 9 am to 5 pm, Ontario students will debate:

Should we allow peremptory challenges in criminal jury trials?


How do students participate?

Students need a twitter account to participate and a supervising teacher who registers them. OJEN will publish the Twitter Moot resources on its website on October 1st. Online registration opens on the same day. Teachers register for this program anytime between October 1st and October 23rd. By October 26th, they must provide a list of twitter handles that their students plan to use on the day of the Twitter Moot: October 28th.

Students can create an individual twitter account, a team account or a class account. OJEN will only retweet and recognize twitter handles which are provided to us by a teacher. We encourage teachers to use the Twitter Moot as an in-class activity, but students can participate in the event as an extra-curricular activity, if they have a supervising teacher who registers them.

On October 28, 2020 from 9 am to 5 pm, students post their thoughts and comments on twitter using the hashtag #A2JTM2020 and mentioning @OJEN_ROEJ. Teachers can stream the debate in class by using a Smartboard/projector, or students can monitor and participate in the debate by checking out the #A2JTM2020 hashtag throughout the day. The hashtag allows everyone to see tweets from other students and teams, and encourages a province-wide discussion.

On October 30th, OJEN will select two winners, one based on the most persuasive tweet and the other based on overall contribution. 

Please review the downloads section below for more details about the program. When you complete the online registration, an OJEN staff member will contact you via email about the list of twitter handles.

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