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Access to Justice Game

In any given 3 year period, nearly half of Canadian adults will experience at least one legal problem.  Few will have the resources to solve them. The curriculum-linked Access to Justice game increases students’ understanding of the challenges faced by individuals accessing the justice system to resolve a variety of common legal difficulties, from landlord tenant disputes to family law issues. 

The game is available in two formats. Developed with the financial support of the Law Foundation of Ontario, the digital version of the game allows online play for an unlimited number of students to explore civil justice with a click of the mouse! The digital game is supported with the “Access to Justice Online Game – Teacher Guide” and the “Access to Justice Online Game – Student Worksheet” handouts in the downloads section of this page.

Play the digital game with your students by visiting the link below:

Access to Justice Digital Game

The original, in-person version of the game has been played by thousands of Ontario students and others. In interactive play, students take on the role of either a community legal provider or a person who requires legal help with a civil justice matter. All the tips, tricks and learning opportunities we’ve discovered in playing with live audiences are available for support in “The Access to Justice Game: A Facilitator’s Guide for Teachers”. Find it, along with the game and helpful statistics on the state of access to justice in Canada, in the downloads section.

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