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Combating Hatred DVD

This DVD is a curriculum-based resource for Grade 10 Civics, and Grade 11 and 12 Law teachers. The material is designed to stimulate class reflection, discussion and debate on issues such as hatred, hate crimes, discrimination, racism and human rights. The materials have been developed to create a resource which provides ideas and activities for enhancing student understanding of these controversial topics. The specific focus centres on strategies for combating hatred.

On this DVD you will find excerpted sections from the second bi-annual University of Toronto Faculty of Law conference entitled: Combating Hatred in the 21st Century: Balancing Rights, Freedoms, and Responsibilities, held November 12, 2007. The video clips selected from this conference feature commentary from judges, lawyers, politicians, professors and community organizers, speaking about strategies to combat hatred. The video clips have been organized into 7 sections which address various topics including the perspectives of the media, law students, and the justice system.

Video-clips have been divided into 7 sections, each with corresponding lesson plans and activities in the form of file attachments. Within each of the 7 sections of file attachments you will find:

Speaker Biographies
Specific Clip Summaries
Pre-Viewing Discussion Questions
Post-Viewing General Discussion Questions and Activities
Clip-specific Discussion Questions
Civics and Law Curriculum Expectations.

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Date Produced: 2008

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