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OJEN Classroom Resources

OJEN has over 200 resources available for use in classrooms, community agencies and justice education programs. All OJEN resources are available for free in English or French. Resources are for general educational use and are not legal advice. Anyone dealing with legal issues should consult a lawyer for confidential, specific legal advice. OJEN retains the copyright over all OJEN resources and materials cannot be modified without prior written permission. There are four ways to search for a resource:

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Court Cases Illustrating Some Key Values of the Justice System

Some of the core values of the justice system have been identified as the rule of law, impartiality, fairness and equality. Individual rights are protected by the Constitution, particularly the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The following cases highlight the reasoning of Canadian courts concerning individual rights within the context of the public interest.

Everyday Law – Preparing for Legal Issues in Your Life

The Understanding Canadian Law, Grade 11, Workplace Preparation (CLU3E) course is a valuable opportunity for students to build on the legal knowledge gained in grade 10 Civics, while enhancing students’ interest in the law. This teaching resource, developed by the Ontario Justice Education Network with the support of the Toronto District School Board and the […]

Great Debate 2006 DVD – Arbitration in a Religious Context: a Step Forward or a Step Back?

Developed in 2002 to complement the already broad range of Law Day activities, OJEN’s Great Debate is an annual event designed to enliven current issues in the justice system before an audience of high school teachers and students. This DVD resource includes a video of the 2006 bilingual Great Debate, and accompanying teacher resource packages, […]

A Foot in the Door

A Classroom Resource on Real Estate and Housing Law in Ontario This 6-module resource, produced by the Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company (LAWPRO) and the Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN), provides an introduction to real estate and housing law in Ontario, including the various considerations and processes involved in purchasing and renting a home. The aim […]

Courtrooms & Classrooms Manual

Courtrooms & Classrooms is OJEN’s signature program. It is also the umbrella under which related justice education activities take place. The 2006 edition of the Courtrooms & Classrooms manual provides an overview of OJEN and Courtrooms & Classrooms activities, ideas for speaking with students, organizing justice education activities and resources.

OJEN on the Air – the Law and Radio Project

This resource lays out all the steps required to facilitate the OJEN on the Air – the Law and Radio project. In this project, youth participants collaborate with legal expert(s) to create a short radio segment about a pressing youth identified legal issue. The radio segment will subsequently be aired on a local radio station. […]

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