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Support OJEN and Flip Your Wig for access to justice!

This February 26, OJEN joins 5 other not-for-profit organizations for Flip Your Wig 2015, an annual fundraiser and a great opportunity to do some justice education about the access to justice crisis in Ontario.

In a 3-year period, 12 million Canadians will experience at least 1 legal problem. About half of them will give up on solving their problem because it seems too difficult or expensive to do so.  For more information, check out the Flip Your Wig website.

Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Share.  Follow Flip Your Wig on Twitter and Facebook.  Share facts about access to justice and photos of legal leaders in wigs! Share your event with #flipyourwig.
  2. Teach. Commit to teaching access to justice as part of your law curriculum.  OJEN can help with bringing in speakers, running the Access to Justice Game, or running a mock trial based on everyday legal issues like family law, landlord & tenant law, or small claims court.
  3. Fundraise.  Plan an event in your community to talk about access to justice and fundraise to support our organizations. Or, join the dozens of people who have already committed to wearing a wig on February 26 and begin collecting pledges!  To sign up, visit the Flip Your Wig website and click “Join.”
  4. Donate.  OJEN staff are wearing wigs and raising funds for access to justice.  To contribute to Team OJEN, click here to sponsor our Executive Director, Jessica Reekie.

Stay tuned for more updates on what OJEN’s doing to promote access to justice for Ontarians!

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