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Ashley Harripersad

Project Leader, Educator Support

What I do here:

I work out of the Outreach Department – I help organize and facilitate programs including; piloting the Legal Leaders Program for Newcomer Youth, Braiding Diversity into Justice, Sistah’s-in-Law: Paving the Way Conference and Youth-Police Dialogues. A typical day for me is split up between programs!

3 things I did before OJEN:

  1. Back in 2010, I had the opportunity as a LAWS (Law in Action Within Schools) student at CTS to participate in some of OJEN’s very own programming. Shout out to Trailblazers and OJEN Mock Trial Tournaments!
  2. Over the past couple of years I have been working with the Tikkun Youth Project as a researcher. This project is aimed towards creating ‘action projects’ that focus on social healing and transformation. I’ve been learning so much!
  3. In June 2016 I graduated from the University of Toronto with my B.A. (Hons). I double majored in Political Science and Equity Studies. Studying similar topics with contrasting lenses allowed me to critically assess and challenge what I was learning.

The most useful thing I learned in school:

“Room must be created within the fabric of Canadian society that is accepting of difference and open to mobility of values. We must not position difference as the problem; rather we must work with the strength of difference, welcoming difference as an opportunity for us to grow together as nation/community.”

George Dei, 2011

This helped me better position my thoughts and encouraged me to go on and explore my interest in justice studies. There is just something about finding the words that describes a greater goal and a set of difficult feelings that is very motivating and empowering. 

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