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Bryn Rieger

Project Leader - Competitive Mock Trial Program

What I do here:

My role at OJEN is coordinating the OJEN/OBA Competitive Mock Trial Program (OOCMT). Students participating in the OOCMT have the opportunity to prepare and present legal arguments in real courthouses, with the coaching of teachers and close to 500 legal professionals who volunteer their time.

Why I work at OJEN:

Before joining OJEN, I practiced criminal defence in Winnipeg, with an emphasis on youth justice. In this role, I worked mostly with Indigenous and other marginalized youth. It was my experience advocating for youth that led me to legal education. I’ve seen first-hand the consequences of a lack of resources, a lack of support and lack of understanding of our legal systems. A lot of the barriers youth I have worked with face can be directly addressed through legal education.

3 things I did before OJEN:

  1. I went to the United Nations in Geneva to participate in Canada’s Review before the Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights.
  2. I recorded an album composed mostly of solo piano and tape splicing (cutting up old cassettes to make music samples).
  3. In university, I worked as a book-buyer for the notorious Neighbourhood Bookstore in Winnipeg.

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