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Michelle Thompson

Manager of Legal and Digital Development

What I do here:

I’m a lawyer and a digital technology hobbyist, so I’m here to make sure we’re using technology in smart ways – not just because we can, or because it’s new and shiny, but because it actually helps. On top of doing strategic development and project management for OJEN’s digital projects, I also guide our organization’s engagement with law students and training for legal professionals. Partially as an extension of that work, I’m also OJEN’s delegate to the Ontario Centre for Advancing Public Legal Education, which we share with Community Legal Education Ontario.

Why I work at OJEN:

Law school is full of opportunity, and I used that time to try out every legal job I could think of. By the time I started here I had worked for a law journal, in academic research, at a community legal clinic, for a non-profit legal advocacy group, for government, in Nunavut, and at a union-side labour law firm. All were worthwhile! But it’s rare to find work like OJEN’s: work that is both thoughtful and practical, systemic and concrete. Public legal education takes a very special skill set, and I love working in the space between the legal profession and the public.

What I’ve been learning about recently:

Video game design, how to bake bread, and how to maintain your community when life gets busy.


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