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Core Tournament Materials

The core OOCMT materials consist of:

  1. The Case
  2. The Tournament Guide
  3. The Official Rules

1. 2019 OOCMT Case: R v Delaney (Final Version)

If you started working with the draft version of the case, here’s what’s changed for the final version:

  • Additional exhibit: Dr. Chao’s C.V. How to use it is explained in the Witness List and List of Exhibits
  • Photo exhibits are numbered for ease of reference
  • An explanatory note about the status of the words « the proof of which lies on him » in s. 215 (2) of the Criminal Code has been added to Appendix I: Legal Guidance

Nothing else has changed from the first draft. Please now discard the first draft and use only the final version of the case.

Official Rules and Tournament Guide: In past years, the Tournament Guide contained both the tournament rules as well as information about tournament formats, guide to evidence and procedure, etc. These have now been split into two separate documents: the Tournament Guide and the Official Rules. The Guide continues to provide useful information about how to participate in OOCMT, while the Official Rules provide a separate and more straightforward list of the rules that govern OOCMT tournaments.

The documents have been organized so that volunteer lawyers coaches and judges only need to read the Official Rules; the information in the Tournament Guide is for teachers and student participants.

2. OOCMT Official Rules (Final Version)

3. OOCMT Tournament Guide (Final Version)

Note: Both the new Tournament Guide and Official Rules were previously presented in draft versions. The final versions are now published. No changes were made from initial drafts, but a few things have changed since last year. See this summary for a list of new and revised rules.

Other Cases: Participants are always encouraged to work with other cases besides the official case for the year. Even though you will only use the official 2019 case in your tournament, it can be very beneficial to practise with other cases. By developing the skills and techniques involved in trial advocacy, or playing a witness, regardless of the fact scenario, you will be better prepared to deal with the many unexpected developments that can take place in each mock trial round. Even when everyone is using the same case in every round, mock trials are dynamic, and play out a bit differently each time.

Check out the OOCMT archives for cases from previous years.







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