Court Staff

Court staff are the driving force behind the courthouse visits and classroom visits that occur under OJEN’s Courtrooms & Classrooms program, coordinating class visits to Ontario courthouses and organizing speakers for schools throughout the province.

Court staff participate on local OJEN committees and play an important role in facilitating justice education activities during the annual Law Day and Take Our Kids to Work Day initiatives, as well as facilitating the use of local courthouses for secondary school mock hearings and mock trial tournaments.

Court staff are often the first face of the justice system when the public enters the courthouse. In this capacity trial coordinators, registrars, court security officers, managers of court operations, court clerks, interpreters and others are orienting young people to the justice system, and making the justice system less intimidating for young people through these positive interactions.

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A Spotlight on Court Staff

Each day, courtrooms around the province are visited by hundreds of high school students hoping to get a closer look at the Canadian judicial system. The success of every court visit depends on the tireless and dedicated efforts of the many court staff who coordinate school visits and support the infrastructure of the Courtrooms & Classrooms program.

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