Programs for Children

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Art in the Courts

Art in the Courts is a program designed to highlight positive community involvement with our courts and promote creative results from annual Law Day activities.

Art in the Courts presents artwork submitted by students to the OJEN Grade 5 Poster Challenge. Each year, students create posters that reflect what they value about Canadian Democracy and the Charter. Over a thousand entries are received each year, and outstanding pieces are made available for display in courthouses across Ontario. The 2004 posters mark the inaugural Art in the Courts artwork series.

Courthouse and Classroom Visits

Courtrooms & Classrooms is OJEN's signature program, focused primarily on schools. Courtrooms & Classrooms facilitates visits in courts and in schools, providing opportunities for students to have question and answer sessions with judges, Justices of the Peace, lawyers, Crown counsel, managers of court operations, duty counsel and others. Tens of thousands of students, and hundreds of justice sector volunteers participate in Courtrooms & Classrooms each year.

Elementary School Civil Mock Trial Program

OJEN’s Elementary School Civil Mock Trial (ECMT) Program introduces students to the law, their rights, and the various roles in a courtroom, and gives students the opportunity to interact with justice sector volunteers in a positive environment.

Students participate in approximately 16 hours of classroom activities designed to develop skills in perspective taking, advocacy, and conflict resolution, and to increase awareness of roles in the courtroom.

Law Day

Law Day celebrations were initiated by the Canadian Bar Association to mark the signing of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in April 1982, with the aim of promoting public understanding of the justice system, and the role of lawyers and judges in guaranteeing an open and independent justice system.

Mock Hearings

A student mock hearing is a simulation of a real court or administrative hearing, with students playing the roles of lawyers, witnesses, accused, court staff and in some cases the judge. Fact scenarios can include civil or criminal disputes. During mock hearings, students reenact every step of a real hearing. Depending on the type of hearing this may include; opening the case, examining witnesses, presenting legal arguments, making and responding to objections, making sentencing submissions, mediating, negotiating with opposing counsel, and receiving a judgment.

OJEN Grade 5 Poster Challenge

The OJEN Grade 5 Poster Challenge is a great opportunity for grade five students to learn and demonstrate an understanding of the rights of Canadians. Teachers can use the challenge to educate students about the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and meet the Grade 5 Ontario curriculum expectations - People and Environments:  The Role of Government and Responsible Citizenship

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