Enforcing Environmental Law – Ramani Nadarajah & Isabelle O’Connor (SLI 2009)

This resource includes PowerPoint presentations on environmental law delivered by Ramani Nadarajah, Counsel with the Canadian Environmental Law Association, and Isabelle O’Connor, Crown Counsel with the Ministry of the Environment, at the 2009 OJEN Summer Law Institute.

The first presentation outlines the role the Ministry of the Environment plays in environmental controls, and the resulting legal action that can be brought against companies or individuals. Topics include the role of abatement officers and investigators; how evidence of an environmental violation is collected; and compliance tools, including orders, prosecutions and environmental penalties.

The second presentation explains how governments attempt to influence the behaviour of individuals, corporations and organizations through environmental policy instruments, and outlines the pros and cons of government approaches to environmental regulation, including regulatory instruments, economic instruments, voluntary instruments, and public outreach and education.

Grade Level: Grade 11, Grade 12
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