Civil Law Mock Trial Scenario: Fadey v. Ketkluane High School (Negligence)

This mock trial scenario package includes a fact scenario, a description of the relevant law, background information for witnesses, a statement of claim, and a statement of defence. For each OJEN civil law mock trial, there are three packages: an OJEN Civil Law Mock Trial Scenario; the OJEN Civil Law Mock Trial Role Preparation Package; and the OJEN Civil Law Mock Trial Justice Sector Volunteer Package.

Marcus Fadey slipped and fell in a puddle of water left over in the gymnasium of Ketkluane High School after a championship basketball game. As a result of his injuries, Marcus lost his chance at a basketball scholarship, and lost his job because he was unable to perform the required duties. After the accident, Marcus sued Ketkluane High School for negligence for leaving the unsafe situation in the gym. 

Grade Level: Grade 11, Grade 12
Date Produced/Updated: 

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