Criminal Law

Aboriginal Criminal Law Mock Sentencing Scenario: R. v. Brown

This Aboriginal sentencing scenario focuses on an Aboriginal youth who has already spent time in a youth detention centre for previous crimes. He has now been convicted of assault. A sentencing hearing ensues during which a victim impact statement is read. The scenario is followed by 8 discussion questions which can easily be used for class discussion or assigned as homework to an academically focused group. The scenario can be used in a mock sentencing hearing or mock sentencing conference/circle or both. 

Aboriginal Criminal Law Mock Sentencing Scenario: R. v. James

In this aboriginal sentencing scenario, James, an aboriginal youth, pleads guilty to the charge of carrying a concealed weapon. The scenario can be used in a mock sentencing hearing or mock sentencing conference/circle or both. The scenario includes several questions dealing with the factors to be taken into consideration during sentencing. These questions may be more appropriate for an academic focused class and could be assigned as homework.

Cases That Have Changed Society

Many cases are started by individuals or groups to respond to a particular event or to change a situation. The outcomes of these cases will often lead to changes in areas of the law which impact all Canadians. These short summaries are some of the decisions that have changed Canadian society in the last 25 years. 

Children's Rights Count

Exploring Domestic and International Mechanisms for Protecting and Advancing Children's Right Globally

Civil Law Mock Trial Role Preparation Package

This resource outlines the differences between civil and criminal trials and provides an overview of a civil action, including statements of claim and defence, discovery and the pre-trial conference and trial. It includes a time chart, courtroom etiquette and preparation guidelines for students playing the roles of plaintiff and defence lawyers, judge, jury member, court clerk, court staff and members of the press. This resource can be used to prepare students for a civil law mock trial or as a handout to provide an overview of civil law claims.

Class Actions – Professor Janet Walker and Jody Brown (SLI 2014)

This PowerPoint presentation provides a brief overview of the Class Proceedings Act, the purposes of class action lawsuits and descriptions of some key Canadian class action lawsuits, including Hollick v Toronto (City), Smith v Inco, the residential schools settlement and the Huronia class action. These materials were presented by Professor Janet Walker of Osgoode Hall Law School and Jody Brown of Koskie Minsky LLP at the 2014 Summer Law Institute. 

Combating Hatred DVD

This DVD is a curriculum-based resource for Grade 10 Civics, and Grade 11 and 12 Law teachers. The material is designed to stimulate class reflection, discussion and debate on issues such as hatred, hate crimes, discrimination, racism and human rights. The materials have been developed to create a resource which provides ideas and activities for enhancing student understanding of these controversial topics. The specific focus centres on strategies for combating hatred.

Constitutional Law Mock Appeal Scenario: Dufour v Canada (Attorney General)

This resource, originally from the OJEN Spring 2014 Charter Chalenge, deals with the constitutionality of physician-assisted suicide. The applicant, Tobin Dufour, has been found Not Criminally Responsible for the murder of his father, and is in custody in a mental health facility. Overwhelmed by guilt, Mr. Dufour seeks doctor assistance in terminating his own life, but the Criminal Code of Canada makes it illegal for a physician to provide this service to patients who are not terminally ill or judged not competent to make this decision. Mr.

Constitutional Law Mock Appeal Scenario: R. v. Antonio Provolone

This resource, originally from the OJEN Fall 2009 Charter Challenge, deals with access to legal counsel. Mr. Antonio Provolone does not have legal counsel to proceed to trial on a number of criminal charges, including robbery. His original lawyer withdrew from his case due to illness, and Mr. Provolone has been unable to find a lawyer who will accept a legal aid certificate.

Constitutional Law Mock Appeal Scenario: R. v. Genevieve Polyandry

This resource, originally from the OJEN Spring 2008 Charter Challenge, deals with a woman, Genevieve Polyandry, who is charged with bigamy after she wed two men in a Pluralian faith ceremony. Ms. Polyandry challenged the law on the grounds that it violated her freedom of religion, freedom of association and right to life, liberty and security of the person under ss. 2(a), 2(d) and 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This resource includes the trial level decision, which provides the basis for the appeal, as well as a factum template.

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