Intellectual Property

Copyright Matters, Some Key Questions & Answers for Teachers - Wanda Noel and Gerald Breau (SLI 2004)

An overview of copyright laws for teachers presented to the 2004 Summer Law Institute by Wanda Noel and Gerald Breau. This resource includes explanations of various copyright law issues, and provides practical information for teachers on their rights and responsibilities with regard to the use of copyright-protected materials in educational institutions. 

In Focus: Idle No More

OJEN is pleased to present the first in a series of classroom resources designed to support classroom teachers’ integration of legally significant, but complex, current events into their law, civics and other classes. In Focus– Idle No More gives a short introduction to key events and legal and social issues raised by the Idle No More movement in Canada and supplements this with critical discussion questions and links to related legal case summaries from OJEN and strong resources from elsewhere on the internet

Legal Reasoning Tool: How to Write a Case Brief

OJEN Legal Reasoning Tools are designed to provide high school students with the skills to investigate legal issues, identify perspectives and think critically about legal developments within the classroom and beyond. These tools assist students in applying the legal inquiry process by guiding them through the stages of formulating questions, gathering and organizing information, interpreting and analyzing legal issues, evaluating and drawing conclusions, and communicating their findings.

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