Welcome from OJEN's Founding Chief Justices

"By strengthening public understanding of the legal system and the administration of justice, a vital pillar of our democracy is strengthened." Welcome to the website of the Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN). Ontario has a unique blend of cultures, belief systems and histories and each person has basic rights, freedoms and responsibilities. Our justice system works to protect these rights and freedoms. It is a cornerstone of our democracy. Public understanding of the principles and the workings of our justice system is therefore essential in a democratic society. The justice system must be impartial, independent and accessible. To ensure rights and freedoms are respected, we all need to understand the principles and values of our justice system, how it functions, and the roles people such as judges, lawyers, Crown attorneys, witnesses, juries, police, and others play within it. Educational programs and dialogue between justice sector representatives and members of the wider community provide opportunities to strengthen this understanding. Many thousands of students and others participate in OJEN’s justice education programs each year. Programs are provided by hundreds of volunteers including judges, lawyers, court staff, and teachers committed to facilitating a better understanding of our justice system throughout our diverse population and geography. We hope this site will provide you with resources, information, and inspiration for your justice education activities.

The Honourable R. Roy McMurtry former Chief Justice of Ontario

The Honourable Patrick LeSage former Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Justice

The Honourable Brian W. Lennox former Chief Justice of the Ontario Court of Justice

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