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The OBA/OJEN Competitive Mock Trials for High School Students

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An end-of-year message from OJEN’s executive director

2022 was a busy year for OJEN. As we transitioned from pandemic to endemic, opportunities to offer core OJEN programs in person became possible once again. We wrapped up our three-year, province-wide Youth-Police Dialogues project, along with the Family Law for Young Parents pilot programs in Hamilton, Navigating Police Encounters initiatives in Ottawa and the […]

2022 Central East Region Poster Challenge Winner

Every year, grade 5 students from around the province take part in OJEN’s Poster Challenge Program. Working with their teachers and with OJEN materials to learn about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the students choose the Charter right that means the most to them and design beautiful posters that represent why that right matters […]

From The OJEN Blog

A Week in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut

I arrive at the airport in Rankin Inlet on the flight from Iqaluit. My plane will continue on to Yellowknife today, and be back in a week for the next flight in. The airport is itself just one very charming turquoise building, about the size of a school gym. They are serving coffee and homemade […]

The Charter Challenge re-visited

Each year, hundreds of high school students throughout Ontario compete in OJEN’s Charter Challenge.  The only mock appeal program for high school students in Ontario, students are given a mock judicial decision in which complex Charter issues are raised on appeal. Student teams research and write a factum with legal arguments in favour of the […]

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