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2019-2020 Sudbury Region Poster Challenge Winner

Every year, grade 5 students from around the province take part in OJEN’s Poster Challenge Program! Working with their teachers and with OJEN materials to learn about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the students choose the Charter right that means the most to them and design beautiful posters that represent why that right matters for everyone in Canada!

For more information please visit the Poster Challenge program page or contact

The 2019-2020 winner of the OJEN Poster Challenge in the Sudbury region is Hailey from Hearst. Hailey chose to focus on the language rights in our Charter and their importance for students being able to attend school in French or English. Thank you Hailey, great job! All the poster challenge winners will also be featured on OJEN’s Art and the Courts website – check it out soon!

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