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OJEN Justice Education Fellows

Please join us in welcoming OJEN’s 2021-22 cohort of Justice Education Fellows! These Fellowships are year-long placement for law students, with one position available at each of Ontario’s law schools. 

Before the start of the academic year, Fellows go through intensive training from OJEN staff that introduces them to our justice education philosophy, project models and facilitation techniques.  With ongoing support from their OJEN supervisors, they organize and deliver a series of OJEN programs in their communities.

Fellows have initiated a wide variety of justice education activities during the five years the Fellowships have been offered. 

Alexandra Tamiko Da Dalt

Osgoode Hall Law School

Alexandra comes to us with a background in gender studies and a MA from Columbia in Peace and Human Rights Education. She works with newcomers to Canada in a range of creative and educational roles.  

Jennifer Truong

Bora Laskin Faculty of Law, Lakehead University

Jennifer has a background in socio-legal studies, and at Lakehead has been active in the Asian Law Students Association promoting diversity within the legal bar in the Northwest. 

Merima Menzildzic

Lincoln Alexander School of Law, Ryerson University

Merima just completed a project developing tenant rights education and organizing tools for the Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton, where she expanded the program to newcomer youth in response to local needs. She has worked extensively around immigration issues with newcomers to Canada.

Natalie Oleksinski

University of Ottawa   

Natalie has a background in environmental studies and has applied her knowledge to a large range of environmental programming for youth with the Netamisakomik Centre for Education. 

Rabab Meen

University of Windsor

Rabab has a long history of teaching and mentorship, from research assistantships at the her undergraduate university and law school to Pro Bono placements doing family law education. She mentors both junior law students and girls in her community.

Sana Najafi

University of Toronto  

Sana brings a background in international development to her current work with our friends at LAWS. She is also developing an educational program on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples for Indigenous high school students which will help them develop policy recommendations for its implementation.

Simran Joshi

University of Western Ontario

Simran studied criminology and public administration before coming to law school, which she has balanced with work and volunteering. She is a long-time Big Sister and has invested heavily in the well-being of youth in her community.

Tharziha Ganeshamoorthy

Queen’s University

Tharziha was heavily involved in equity and student leadership during her undergraduate studies in political science and Indigenous studies. She has worked in policy and programming with the Youth Justice Division of MCCSS and been a volunteer tutor for individuals in the Colin’s Bay Correctional Facility.

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