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OJEN Fall Provincial Programs

Registration is now open to teachers for 2 of OJEN’s province-wide classroom programs.

Fall 2021 Charter Challenge – Twice a year, OJEN releases a mock judicial decision in which complex Charter issues are raised on appeal. Students all over Ontario form teams to research and write a factum in favour of either the appellant or the respondent. The winning team on each side is invited to make their arguments before a panel of judges made up of Court of Appeal judges and staff. 

The Fall 2021 Charter Challenge revolves around the question of what constitutes a “reasonable” bail condition: Does a bail condition that severely limits an alcoholic’s access to alcohol infringe their equality rights as a person with a disability under s. 15 of the Charter?  Visit our website for more information and to register for the Charter Challenge

Our Fall 2021 Twitter Moot will be held Wednesday, October 27th. This long-standing program initiated by our friends at the Hamilton Justice Education Network was offered as a province-wide activity last year.  It was so popular that we have added it permanently to our annual programming.  The question for debate this time: Should we change the law that allows corporal punishment of children? 

From 9 am to 5 pm, students post their thoughts and comments on twitter using a common  hashtag. The hashtag allows everyone to see tweets from other students and teams, and encourages a province-wide discussion. Visit our website for more information and to register for the Twitter Moot.

OJEN provides teaching resources and support for teachers to guide their students through both programs.  Registration for both the Charter Challenge and the Twitter Moot closes on October 25th.

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