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2022 Toronto Region Poster Challenge Winner

Every year, grade 5 students from around the province take part in OJEN’s Poster Challenge Program. Working with their teachers and with OJEN materials to learn about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the students choose the Charter right that means the most to them and design beautiful posters that represent why that right matters for everyone in Canada!

For more information, please visit the Poster Challenge program page or contact Thomas Gallezot.

The 2022 winner of the OJEN Poster Challenge in the Toronto Region is Kasper from Brian Public School.

Here are the comments of our jury on Kasper’s work:

The poster captures different categories of rights and provides examples for each category. It makes the concepts of the Charter easy to understand. The poster shares a very inclusive and diverse message. It highlights the rights and freedoms of all entities. The image of the hands holding the globe emphasizes the overall message of the poster. The poster is very bold: the use of the colours and imagery captures charter rights and freedoms in a way that is very appealing and unique. The author has given a lot of thought to how to organize the points they want to make and has made very nice aesthetic choices that express a unique creative style.

Congratulations Kasper on your hard work!

The runner up is Vienna, also from Brian Public School.

Here are the comments of our jury on Vienna’s work:

The poster has a very creative storytelling aesthetic and layout that reflect the rights creatively and very well. It gives an equal emphasis on all rights, which is important. The drawings neatly illustrate the text in a quite striking manner.

Congratulations Vienna on your hard work.

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