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2022 Zoë Paddock

Zoë Paddock is the 2022 recipient of the Tate Herbert Memorial Post-Secondary Award. She came to OJEN during the summer of 2021 on a Social Justice Fellowship from Windsor University’s Faculty of Law. She had just completed her second year of law school and was interested in learning more about public legal education and OJEN’s work.

Zoë arrived with a strong background in community service sector work. Prior to law school, she had volunteered and worked with several community organizations serving vulnerable populations. While in law school, she was a mentor for the Peer Mentorship Program and also volunteered with Community Legal Aid Windsor.

During her 10 week internship with OJEN, Zoë worked on a variety of programs, including Family Law for Young Parents programs (FLYP), Youth-Police Dialogues and Steps to Justice workshops. She also helped develop materials for Together 180, a project for youth in custody and on probation, and helped plan OJEN’s Summer Law Institute for high school educators. She consistently impressed her OJEN colleagues with her willingness to go above and beyond what was asked of her. When she completed her fellowship, Zoë worked on a part-time basis with OJEN and sought out a Project-Based External Placement program at the Law School, so that she could continue to deliver OJEN’s FLYP programs to young mothers.

Zoë’s dedication to “see things through,” her commitment to social justice and working with vulnerable populations, make her a deserving recipient of the Tate Herbert Post-Secondary Award!

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