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2023 Durham Region Poster Challenge Winner

Every year, grade 5 students from around the province take part in OJEN’s Poster Challenge Program! Working with their teachers and with OJEN materials to learn about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the students choose the Charter right that means the most to them and design beautiful posters that represent why that right matters for everyone in Canada!

For more information, please visit the Poster Challenge program page or contact Thomas Gallezot.

The 2023 winner of the OJEN Poster Challenge in the Durham Region is Joseph from St. Catherine of Siena.

Here are the comments of our jury on Joseph’s work:

  • A beautiful, clean design while also including key themes and concepts in digestible and readable ways.
  • I appreciated that in the centre of the poster is the profound statement “Rights are the building blocks of humanity”. Organized around the artists’ central theme of peace and equality, they have laid out the key rights guaranteed to Canadians in the Charter. It manages to convey a lot of information without becoming cluttered. The picture is well balanced and makes good use of colour.
  • I liked the aesthetically pleasing design of the poster and its ability to communicate the central information about the Charter.
  • Dynamic use of colour and appreciate of how they feature “Rights are the building blocks of humanity” and the Charter, which guarantees key rights to Canadians.

Congratulations Joseph on your hard work!

The runner up is Alexandra, from St Charles Garnier.

Here are the comments of our jury on Alexandra’s work:

  • What I like most about this particular poster is the illustration of not only Canada’s flag, but also other flags and the different racial hands. This poster encapsulates the extent to which Canada is diverse, reflecting what Alexandra values about Canada. As well, this poster emphasizes the different rights and freedoms, regardless of who you are, and where you are from.
  • I liked the clean and clear detailed poster. Great attention to detail!

Congratulations Alexandra on your hard work.

We also want to congratulate all the students who participated and their teachers. Everyone worked very hard and all the posters we received depicted our Charter of Rights and Freedoms in creative and thought provoking ways.

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