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An Overview of Refugee Protection in Canada

Our last webinar of the year gives an overview of refugee protections in Canada. In this webinar, you will learn about what distinguishes a refugee from an immigrant, how one claims refugee protection, who can sponsor refugees to come to Canada as well as the guiding legal frameworks for this area of law, the Immigration […]

Supporting Youth Without Immigration Status

Justice For Children and Youth (JFCY) legal clinic’s Childhood Arrivals Support & Advocacy (CASA) program will be providing a webinar on being aware and inclusive of students with precarious or no immigration status. Young people brought to Canada as children and are living without immigration status can face significant uncertainty in their lives. In this […]

Three Areas of Law Impacting Your Student Outcomes

Many areas of law intersect with and impact a young person’s access to, and pathway through, our education systems. In this session Justice for Children and Youth, Ontario’s specialty child rights legal clinic, will explore three such intersections – immigration law for young people with no or precarious immigration status, special education systems and their […]

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