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About Us

What is OJEN?

The Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN) is a charitable not-for-profit, non-governmental organization with a province-wide mandate. We develop innovative educational tools that introduce young people to the justice system, help them understand the law, and build their legal capability. We work to help prepare young people to manage the legal aspects of problems that arise in their own lives.

OJEN staff

OJEN staff come to us from the legal, education or not-for-profit sector. One thing they all share is a passion for social justice and a dedication to empowering youth through justice education.

OJEN board & network

OJEN’s Board and Network represent leading justice and education sector organizations that work collaboratively to promote justice education province-wide.

OJEN committees

In several communities throughout Ontario, representatives from the justice and education sectors come to together to form local OJEN committees which plan and deliver justice education programs that are responsive to the needs of their communities.

Funders & donors

OJEN is a not-for-profit charitable organization that operates with support from grants and donations.


OJEN offers a number of annual awards that recognize the exceptional contributions of individuals and organizations who advance justice education in Ontario.

The OJEN blog

Our collection of lessons learned, resources, and best practices for justice education. The OJEN Blog showcases highlights from OJEN projects and messages from program participants to the justice sector and the broader public. General announcements and OJEN news items are also posted here.

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