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An end-of-year message from OJEN’s executive director

2022 was a busy year for OJEN. As we transitioned from pandemic to endemic, opportunities to offer core OJEN programs in person became possible once again. We wrapped up our three-year, province-wide Youth-Police Dialogues project, along with the Family Law for Young Parents pilot programs in Hamilton, Navigating Police Encounters initiatives in Ottawa and the […]

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A Week in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut

I arrive at the airport in Rankin Inlet on the flight from Iqaluit. My plane will continue on to Yellowknife today, and be back in a week for the next flight in. The airport is itself just one very charming turquoise building, about the size of a school gym. They are serving coffee and homemade […]

The Charter Challenge re-visited

Each year, hundreds of high school students throughout Ontario compete in OJEN’s Charter Challenge.  The only mock appeal program for high school students in Ontario, students are given a mock judicial decision in which complex Charter issues are raised on appeal. Student teams research and write a factum with legal arguments in favour of the […]

Youth Leadership Team (YLT) members share their experiences with Together 180

An important factor contributing to the success of OJEN’s programs for youth is the involvement of a Youth Leadership Team (YLT). YLT members are hired from the communities where pilot programs are offered, and can be involved in various stages of a pilot program. From development through delivery and evaluation, input from YLT members helps […]

Legal Artivism

OJEN’s success in reaching broad and diverse youth audiences, is based on our practice of forging collaborative partnerships with existing youth-serving organisations. Meeting youth in their communities and tailoring programs to meet their unique needs and interests, opens the door to meaningful exchange about law and the legal system.  It fosters engagement and creates a […]

My Summer Work Experience with OJEN

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a lawyer. From watching almost every crime documentary that has ever existed on Netflix, to having the opportunity to join the Law in Action Within Schools (LAWS) program at my high school, law has been the career path my heart has been set […]

The Significance of OJEN’s Justice Education Initiatives For Youth

My name is Crystal Binag. I am an incoming 2L student in Lakehead University’s Bora Laskin Faculty of Law program. I accepted a remote 14-week internship position as a Project Officer at the Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN). This position was funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario (LFO). My position as a Project Officer […]

OJEN staff recommended summer reading list

From the bookshelves of OJEN staff, we’re pleased to share a selection of some of our current favourites, as well as books we’ve earmarked for our future reading enjoyment. Whether it’s a delicious escape from everyday life, or a journey into new realms of reality, there’s nothing better than losing oneself in a good book. […]

OJEN’s Summer Law Institute celebrates 20 years!

Among the first programs OJEN launched when it was formed 20 years ago, was the Summer Law Institute (SLI). This 2-day professional development event for secondary school teachers has been held every year since 2002, becoming a late-summer staple for many teachers preparing to return to classes. Scheduled just ahead of the start of the […]

20th Anniversary Profile – Gabriela Dedelli, former Justice Education Fellow

“Justice education provides practical, relevant knowledge that young adults can apply throughout their lives.” Each year, OJEN invites law students and paralegal students across Ontario to apply for our Justice Education Fellowship positions. Fellows receive in-depth training in public legal education theory and practice,and then run youth-focused justice education projects in their communities. This one-year […]

Introducing OJEN’s 2022-23 Justice Education Fellows

OJEN’s Justice Education Fellowship program was introduced in 2017. The program provides an opportunity for a select group of law students to gain in-depth public legal education training and experience before entering law careers. Justice Education Fellows receive focused skill development in communications, community outreach, public speaking, and plain language work. During the academic year […]

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