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2012 Norm Innocente

hk-2012-allan-hux-norm-innocente-justice-fran-kiteley Norm Innocente is an educator recently retired from the Windsor- Essex Catholic District School Board.  Mr. Innocente was recognized for his contributions to teaching secondary school Law over a remarkable career which spanned 37 years.

Norm Innocente taught for 37 years in the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board during which he taught Law for 34.  Always innovative in his teaching style, he utilized a wide range of teaching resources and introduced his students to guest speakers representing every facet of the justice community.  From judges and lawyers to individuals who had been convicted of crimes, Mr. Innocente opened his classroom to those who offered different perspectives and first-hand experiences that would bring his Law lessons to life.  Over his teaching career he brought over 200 speakers into his classroom.

Not only did he continually strive for professional development himself, he was generous in helping his colleagues.  He mentored eight new Law teachers in the Windsor-Essex area, sharing the wealth of experience he had gained through his many years in the field.

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