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cja-2014-maurice-anderson-chiefs Maurice Anderson was the Courtrooms & Classrooms Coordinator at 361 University Court house for nine years until his retirement in December 2014.  During his time in this role he established strong collaborative relationships with justice professionals at both the Superior Court and the Court of Appeal, recruiting judges and masters as well as Crown/Prosecutors for daily Question & Answer sessions with students before court.  At one of the busiest court houses in the province, he managed the logistics of up to 5 or 6 student groups per day and established a protocol for the nearly 500 teachers who regularly brought their classes for court house visits.  Mr. Anderson brought cheerful enthusiasm and remarkable organizational abilities to his responsibilities, winning cooperation and respect from all who worked with him.  He helped to provide a positive first experience with the justice system for 135,000 young people over his 9 years at 361 University Court house.

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