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Susheel Gupta

lennox-lennox-and-susheel-gupta Susheel Gupta was selected to receive the inaugural Lennox Award as a result of the leadership he has demonstrated in promoting justice education in the Ottawa region.  He is committed to providing students with a positive exposure to the law, through his work on both the Canadian Bar Association Law Day Committee and the Ottawa OJEN Committee.  His efforts have also ensured that teachers can develop their knowledge at the OJEN Summer Law Institutes.  In each of these roles Mr. Gupta has been a consistent and active volunteer in both planning and delivering these programs.  He has demonstrated a strong commitment to young people and has always ensured that their interests are the focus of these justice education events.  Whether planning an event, speaking to new volunteers, or engaging with students, Mr. Gupta conveys enthusiasm and invites others to learn more about the justice system. 

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