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OJEN Staff

Staff Members’ Information and Contact

Executive Director

Jessica brings to OJEN her experience working with newcomers in addition to her previous employment and volunteer activities in the non-profit sector for the past 15 years.

Jessica Reekie

Director of Educator Support

Nat comes to OJEN with a background in social theory, research and education. He is an Ontario Certified Teacher specializing in Inner-City Education and holds a Master of Arts in sociology.

Nat Paul

Director of Outreach Programs

Enisoné has a strong background in social justice, advocacy, non-profit management, community based research, and community development.

Enisoné L. Kadiri

Communications and Grants Manager

Nadine comes to OJEN with a strong background in not-for-profit administration having more than a decade of experience as a performing arts fundraiser, publicist and…

Nadine Demoe

Project Leader - Competitive Mock Trial Program

Bryn coordinates the provincial OJEN/OBA Competitive Mock Trial Program (OOCMT) for high school students.

Bryn Rieger

Bilingual Project Leader

Thomas is OJEN’s Bilingual Project Leader, in charge of francophone outreach and development. He also manages the Classroom Programs, the Charter Challenge, the Poster Challenge, francophone Professional Development, francophone Experiential Mock Trials and francophone OOCMT Tournaments.

Thomas Gallezot

Digital Communications Associate

Raras comes to OJEN with a background in digital communications and sociology.

Raras Azzahra

Director of Capacity Building and Engagement

Kristy comes to OJEN with experience working in law, education and the non-profit sector.

Kristy Pagnutti

Program Developer - Outreach

Mara joins OJEN with a background in corporate law and experience working with marginalized youth in mentoring capacities.

Mara Clarke

Finance & Administration Manager

Renae joins the OJEN team with over ten years of professional experience in administration including successful positions in Customer Service, Account Representation and Billing Administration.

Renae Bruce

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