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What areas of law most interest your students?

OJEN responds to the needs and interests of youth by creating programs and resources based on their feedback. Teachers: please share this “Have Your Say” youth survey with your students. It is available in both English and French. Students can complete the short 3 question survey on their own device, on their own time:

Have Your Say: OJEN Youth Survey 2022

À toi la parole! Sondage du ROEJ à l’intention des jeunes (2022)

If you would prefer to conduct the “Have Your Say” youth survey as a class, you can poll your students and share the class results using this google form.

Next month, we will share the results of the survey with teachers and students. We have decided to offer this survey twice a year: once in April for Law Day, and again in October for Access to Justice Week. At the end of each month, we will share what we learned.

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