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Nominate a Justice Education Champion

Whether coaching high school mock trial teams, sharing legal information with vulnerable youth audiences, providing insight into topical legal issues at PD sessions for teachers, and in countless other ways, volunteers play an essential role in supporting OJEN’s justice education initiatives province-wide.  Each year, hundreds of volunteers give of their time, expertise and dedication to make the justice system more accessible and justice professionals more approachable for tens of thousands of Ontario’s youth.  Of the many amazing volunteers we work with, some stand out as exceptional.  The annual Chief Justices’ Award recognizes these justice education champions!

The Chief Justices’ Award was established by the three Chief Justices of Ontario Court of Appeal, Superior Court of Justice and Ontario Court of Justice. It recognizes individuals who have made exceptional contributions in promoting public understanding, education and dialogue in support of a responsive and inclusive justice system.

Nominations for the Chief Justices’ Award are now being accepted.  For more information about the criterion for the award and how to nominate someone for it, visit the OJEN website.

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