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Algoma Committee

The Algoma Committee began as a group of enthusiastic volunteers interested in pursuing access to justice initiatives in Sault Ste. Marie and the Algoma District. Our primary focus was to educate and inspire our youth regarding the justice system.

Our decision to become a regional committee for OJEN seemed like a natural and logical step to pursue our mutual goals.

The Algoma Regional OJEN committee includes volunteers from the justice and education sectors working together to organize programs and events, relating to our justice system, for students and youth as well as the general public.


Classroom Visits

OJEN’s Courtrooms & Classrooms activities enhance classroom learning by connecting students with the justice system and the professionals who work within it. Observing court in session, participating in mock trial tournaments, and connecting with justice sector professionals in the classroom – all help take law off the pages of the text book and into real … Learn More

Courtroom Visits

OJEN’s Courtroom Visit program provides students with unique opportunities to deepen their understanding of the justice system through experiential learning. Students get a chance to observe real court in session and to directly engage with justice sector representatives, like judges, Crown attorneys, defense lawyers, justices of the peace, and many other individuals with different roles … Learn More

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