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Hamilton Committee

OJEN’s Hamilton Committee was founded by Justice Jane Milanetti (retired SCJ) and law teacher Patricia Valeri Tortis from Cathedral High School in 2008. It is currently co-chaired by Justice Lauren Bale of the Superior Court of Justice and law teacher Patricia Valeri Tortis. The committee includes volunteers from the justice and education sectors who work together to organize justice education programs for students and youth in the Hamilton area.

The Hamilton Committee delivers programs that are responsive to local needs by collaborating with teachers and community partners. The committee strives to facilitate connections between youth and the legal community that promote greater understanding of the justice sector and the community it serves.

In 2015, on the occasion of Law Day, the committee organized its inaugural Twitter Moot. The committee has been offering this popular initiative ever since. Students across Hamilton participate in the Twitter Moot by tweeting their thoughts and opinions about a chosen issue.


Courtroom Visits

OJEN’s Courtroom Visit program provides students with unique opportunities to deepen their understanding of the justice system through experiential learning. Students get a chance to observe real court in session and to directly engage with justice sector representatives, like judges, Crown attorneys, defense lawyers, justices of the peace, and many other individuals with different roles … Learn More

Classroom Visits

OJEN’s Courtrooms & Classrooms activities enhance classroom learning by connecting students with the justice system and the professionals who work within it. Observing court in session, participating in mock trial tournaments, and connecting with justice sector professionals in the classroom – all help take law off the pages of the text book and into real … Learn More

OBA/OJEN Competitive Mock Trials

The OBA/OJEN Competitive Mock Trials (OOCMT) is a partnership between the Ontario Bar Association (OBA) and the Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN). A network of local mock trial tournaments use the OOCMT case and format for mock trials.

Hamilton Twitter Moot

  A Twitter Moot is an online debate where students discuss a pressing legal issue.  On Thursday, April 16, 2015, the Hamilton committee organized its inaugural Twitter Moot to celebrate Law Day (a national event to commemorate the signing of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms). The committee has been offering this popular initiative … Learn More

Experiential Mock Trials at the John Sopinka Courthouse in Hamilton

Each semester, the Hamilton Committee holds Experiential Mock Trials at the John Sopinka Courthouse. This program invites students from across Hamilton to sign up and participate in an amazing experiential learning opportunity! Using a mock trial case provided by OJEN, students prepare Opening and Closing Statements, along with questions for Direct and Cross examination of … Learn More

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Virtual Court Visits Happen in Hamilton

OJEN’s flagship justice education initiative, the Courtroom Visit program, brings the law to life for high school classes throughout the province.  Each year thousands of students visit courthouses in their communities to see the justice system in action.  In many cases, they have the opportunity to speak to a judge, lawyer, or court staff to … Read More

Hamilton Twitter Moot Winners Treated to Lunch with a Judge

Sometimes it pays to tweet!! On Thursday, June 6, 2019 Justice Jane Milanetti of the Ontario Superior Court treated Twitter Moot “Best Tweeter” Ebun Soneye from Cathedral High School along with other students from Glendale Secondary to lunch at the John Sopinka Courthouse. Ebun is a Grade 11 law student who participated in this year’s Twitter … Read More

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