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OJEN Committees Guide

What are OJEN committees?

OJEN committees are groups of volunteers who run local justice education programs and work to build lasting links between educators, community workers and legal professionals in a given community. Often, these volunteers work with OJEN staff to develop and pilot justice education programs, although OJEN committees also work independently from the OJEN provincial office to run established OJEN programs. Each committee meets 4-6 times a year to plan a broad range of justice education activities for young people and their teachers, such as:

  • Visits to courthouses
  • Arranging for guest speakers to talk about a legal topic with a class or youth group
  • Mock trial tournaments
  • Law Day or Access to Justice Week events
  • Professional development for high school teachers

Currently, 17 local OJEN committees operate in communities across the province. This guide is for existing committees, as well as people interested in starting a new OJEN committee. It includes information about:

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