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Teachers: sign up for Défi de la Charte!

Défi de la Charte is OJEN’s new French language mock appeal program.

Our original plan to begin the program on November 1st, has been changed to allow schools starting a new quadmester on November 8th to participate.  The program now begins on November 15th and teachers can sign up until December 3rd.

Find more information and register here.

Défi de la Charte is not just meant for law classes. While the program highlights the importance of the Charter in everyday life, it also promotes the development of critical thinking and research skills through experiential learning.  Working in teams, students learn how to manage a collaborative project in a limited amount of time. Participants gain experience in asking questions, planning research, distinguishing between primary and secondary sources, determining their validity and relevance, and using them appropriately.

Even for classes who may not wish to enter the culminating competition, the program offers a rich learning experience. Teachers are free to tailor the project to their class needs and choose only the project components that work for them.  Registering for Défi de la Charte gives teachers access to all of the program’s resources (case, factum template, legal memo, and legal resources presented in an easy-to-understand format). They will also be able to participate in the online teachers’ forum and connect with other participating teachers. 

Please share this information with French immersion colleagues and your school board. Contact Thomas Gallezot, if you have any questions. 

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