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Fall 2018 Charter Challenge Results in Deadlock

If an aspiring shock-TV host seeks police advice on how to entrap and film an online predator leading to their arrest, is he acting as an agent of the police? If so, to what extent must he consider the Charter rights of the accused? What should be done with evidence gathered through infringing upon those rights?

Rayyan Esmail from Marc Garneau Collegiate received the Justice Gloria Epstein award for oral advocacy.

These are sophisticated legal questions and on December 18, teams from Marc Garneau Collegiate and Humberview Secondary School proved they were up to the task. Arguing for the government and for the accused in the fall 2018 Charter Challenge finale, the teams managed to deadlock a panel of judges, court counsel and judicial clerks from the Court of Appeal for Ontario, who could not reach a decision and so chose to reserve judgement. 

It was a fabulous program, and registration for the spring 2019 Charter Challenge will open in February, so keep an eye out for news!

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